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2014 - 2022        Studied fine arts with a diploma as a master student with                                        professor Karin Kneffel

2015 - 2016        Two-semester scholarship at the Accademia di Belle Arti

                          di Roma

2010-2014          Bachelor of Arts in "Art and Multimedia" at the Ludwig-

                          Maximilians-University Munich 


04/2023     Realization of an exhibition concept in an

                  HVB KunstCUBE of the  Hypovereinsbank in Berlin


02/2023     "Was ist passiert?" at KUNST BLOCK BALVE

10/2022      Support of the Estée Lauder breast cancer campaign

                    with an exhibition

11/2022      "scenes never rest" at PLATFORM Munich

11/2022      "Salon der Gegenwart" in Hamburg

07/2022      "Rette mich! Menschlichkteit als Motor" at the

                     Penzberg Museum -   Campendonk Collection


07/2022       "UNCURATED" at Stoerpunkt Gallery 

02/2022        Diploma exhibition as master student by Karin Kneffel

11/2021        "collective maze" at PLATFORM Munich

09/2021        "cling together swing together" at Noah Gallery

                       in Augsburg

07/2021        "Bei geöffnetem Fenster" at Academy of Fine Arts Munich 

05/2021         "Postponed" at Neue Galerie Landshut

01/2021         Soloshow at Hubert Media GmbH

10/2020         "Boxenstop2" at Pinakothek der Moderne Munich

10/2020         "Artlab" at Benjamin Eck Gallery Munich 

07/2020          "pale blue dot" at Weltraum Munich

07/2020          "pale blue dot" at Schaufenster Münchner Stadtmuseum  

01/2020          "off the cuff" Kunst 66 Munich

11/2019          Groupshow at Wellington Partners Munich

11/2019          "Wo ist wann?" at Galerie Orange at Tegernsee

07/2019           "Off the grid" at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich

06/2019           "Open Ende" at Katholische Akademie Munich







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